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Investing in the transformation
of crypto

Friendly Trading Group pursues investments that support early founders and novel use cases, as well as long-term digital asset investments in the underpinnings of disruptive blockchains.

Challenging the Future

We look for ecosystems with strong metrics across multiple asset classes including tokens, NFTs & listed equities, that lead these ecosystems: Decentralized Finance, Web3 Infrastructure, Privacy Technologies, and Applications, such as gaming, are actively evolving.

We re-test and re-create our thesis on what's ahead and where we may go. We actively monitor revenues, adoption, and governance activity to get the first glimpse into progressing technology.

Our Approach

Our Framework

The assets in which we invest, including crypto currencies and early stage technologies, have a high level of risk and a high degree of volatility, with the intention of achieving superior returns. At the time of acquisition, the aggregate value of any crypto currency or other asset, is expected to have a maximum component weight of 15% to present any single asset, and this single source of risk. From initially dominating the portfolio, we may stake, yield farm, and engage in other methods to generate additional return over and above capital appreciation. Friendly Trading may also utilize leverage, invest in assets containing embed leverage and trade on margin under certain circumstances.

Base Layer Protocols

Layer 1 protocols that serve as the operating systems for decentralized applications (dApps).

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Decentralized Finance

Emerging De-fi protocols across various base layer eco-systems. We expect to see exponential growth in the adoption of technology that enables permissionless, cross-chain swapping of native L1 assets.



The future of the internet, AI, e-commerce and social media will be built on blockchain. Protocols such as Bittensor and others have been promising investments and important components of the Web3 technology stack. 


Investing in
Boundary-Breaking Founders

We invest in ventures working with emerging cryptocurrencies with best-in-class features and rapidly growing infrastructures. If you're looking for a strategic partner, Friendly Trading can provide the fuel to take your venture to the next level.


Our Team


Sean Posner
Founding Partner


Robert Viglione
Partner & CEO,
Horizen Labs

Successfully negotiated over

$2 billion of investments in real estate, operating business and digital asset opportunities.

Zen Co-founder, former adviser to AAVE. Advises digital asset and blockchain companies.


Dean Steinbeck
Partner & President,
Horizen Labs

Bored Ape Yacht Club APE Token Board Member. Advises blockchain, crypto and VC backed currency companies.


Michael Zuckerman

Over 25 years of experience in finance, conventional and private mortgages and blockchain/digital assets.


Michael Kaye

Jake Barrett

  • LinkedIn

Three decades of portfolio management experience at major hedge funds. Ran the digital assets practice at a major investment bank.

  • LinkedIn

Trained in math and computer science, built several fintech products and actively conducts diligence on digital asset opportunities.


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